“Belinda’s skill in providing instruction that addresses individual moods and needs is one of her many strengths”.

Chrissy Bustin (London)

“When I was pregnant with my fourth child I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. But unlike the other 3 babies, this one was being stubborn about turning into the right position. I hadn’t had any C-sections up to this point and I really wasn’t in the mood to start now.

I contacted Belinda, my yoga instructor and friend and asked if we could look into any possible positions that might encourage this little one to change her mind about things. After some research Belinda came up with a position that she worked me through and I proceeded to follow her instructions with regards to how many times a day for how long I should do it. Two weeks later when I went for my check-up the little one had turned.

I know it is hard to scientifically document that it was because of the yoga technique she turned, but in looking at the research there was a high rate of success and as far as I was concerned I believe it had everything to do with her turning. I can’t thank Belinda enough for taking the time to find something and giving it a try with me”.

Katrina Nordstrom (USA)

“Yoga with Belinda is like heaven – down on earth. After each lovely lesson you are more able to keep a little bit of this heaven in your heart. She really interprets Namaste in the most adorable way”.

Anna Walters (Germany)