Today’s lifestyle is pressured, hectic, busy and demanding.  Everybody deserves – everybody needs – time to nuture themselves, to get back in touch with what matters, what’s important, who they are.

I have seen the total transformation that yoga practice has on lives.  Bringing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance to all my clients is the most rewarding gift in the world.  It is utterly joyful to help people restore their equilibrium.

Sometimes people ask me if they have to change their lifestyle in order to do yoga. In our Western culture we are constantly juggling real life, demands upon us of responsibility of family and work. Quite often there are articles in the media and yoga can be portrayed in an extreme way. Yoga is for everyone, you don’t have to behave in a certain way, follow a certain religion, you just need to enjoy and embrace the principles of yoga and the way it can enhance your lifestyle.Its about bringing it into your life in some way,( even if for just 30 minutes a day.)and finding a balance.

“In my view, it is not useful to think of different styles of yoga: this is simply yoga, which comes from a vast and ancient source. The only authentic yoga is one which works for each person according to circumstances and needs, and there are many possibilities.” Desikachar, The Heart of Yoga


My style of teaching is very much based on the principle of listening to ourselves, getting in touch with how we feel physically and mentally when we are on our mats. Each day is different for us and therefore each day may require a different practice. I encourage my clients to be mindful of how they feel during practice and emphasise the importance of being respectful to their bodies.

I always begin classes with a breathing practice, followed by gentle warming-up practices, cultivating breath and body awareness. This slowly builds into a more energetic sequence of flowing movements/postures to open and warm the body. Also developing strength, stamina and flexibility. A gradual slowing down into more restorative practices to prepare for a deep and replenishing relaxation. I introduce appropriate pranayama (breathing techniques),visualisations and meditation. There is an emphasis on saftety and I give appropriate modifications throughout the class.

I teach 1-2-1 sessions for those wishing to focus on a specific need, whether it be, recovery from injury, back problems, improving physical strength and flexibility, dealing with stress and anxiety, preparation for birth and recovery after birth (pre&post natal).

Pre&Post Natal

The practice of yoga has so many benefits to prepare for birth and recovery from birth. Yoga practice during pregnancy, will help maintain health and well-being and at the same time bring peace and freedom to the body, heart and mind of both you and your baby. Life after brith is a big change and a period of rest and adjustment is vital for you and your baby. Yoga can help you nuture yourself, remembering that it is important that you are caring for your well-being as well as your baby. Gentle restorative practice and plenty of relaxation.

Mum’s and Baby

It is a lovely bonding time for you and your baby and enable Mum’s to do yoga during a time when there is not much ‘me’ time. Gentle practices to strengthen the body after birth,breathing practices,movement with music and deep relaxation. At the same time enjoying this intimate time with your baby and getting to know other mums and babies.

Holiday Yoga

If you are on holiday here in West Sussex and would like a yoga practice for yourself or with friends you are away with, I can visit you in your holiday home.

Belinda mobile: 07833763806